10 reasons why you must relocate to Bermuda Triangle

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and finally I’ve come up with a few things that’ll motivate you to move to Bermuda Triangle, and for good:

  1. ‘Bermuda’ starts with a ‘B’ so does ‘boobs’.
  2. You’ll find wrecked ships there and you can steal anything from there.
  3. You’ll feel like a pirate. (That’s the closest most of us will ever get to living a life like Capt. Jack Sparrow)
  4. You don’t get condoms there.
  5. You can call yourself and NRI if you ever manage to return. PS: NRIs have a special status throughout India.
  6. Have your company’s registered office there so you won’t need to pay any taxes. You won’t have to bother even if the IT department plans to raid your office.
  7. It’s like Mars. (because Mars has water too)
  8. You can tell your fellow residents that you’re Shahrukh Khan.
  9. Referring to point 7, you’re an astronaut.
  10. If you’re still reading you must definitely relocate to Bermuda Triangle because you’re clearly, as such, jobless.
  11. Bonus point: You don’t need to wear clothes, they’re so mainstream. PS: I’m not promoting nudity. It’s called liberal living.

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