Everything is a Lie

Many who are closer to enlightenment, as close as one could humanly get, are often found quoting, ‘Everything is a lie’. On a more oblivious, agnostic, and mortal level, this imperative statement conforms to an interrogative one, ‘What if everything is a lie?’.

As you start thinking about it and go deeper into your thoughts, a massive intermixture of ideas will be generated in your head. What if the device you’re reading this on is but an figment of imagination and does not really exist? What if our lives are not ours to control but are controlled by some supernatural power we are completely unaware of?

The ‘what if’ that is more frightening than the ones you’ve already thought of is, ‘What if all the people around us are fake?’. Assuming that the world is real and the people are real but the part they play in our lives is fake. What if our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, and friends are not actually who we think they are? What if somebody has payed them to enact these roles? What if every coincidental encounter with somebody at the coffee shop is actually an intricate plan?

I’m pretty sure these ‘what ifs’ will haunt you for a considerable amount of time, until the realities of life (the practical, tangible aspects) take over and pull you back in to this world. I’m sure your mind will be on an adventure trip to find answers, and it will create some in the process, to keep you content. Bon Voyage!


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