The Earth is a Testing Centre

There are numerous theories about the existence of a parallel universe and that the world we see is not real. one theory suggest that everything that we see or touch, is but a holographic projection.

As I sit back and juxtapose, one such theory that I myself came up with is by far the most fascinating one.

I believe, that the Earth is but a testing centre. Aliens, as we like to call them, are beings with superlative intelligence with special, mystical powers. We humans are basically prototypes that are sent to the Earth. We are left to live our own lives without any interference. We are the real Artificial Intelligence.
As humans, when we exceed presumed performance levels, we are sent to another planet, which is almost a paradise. The one’s with a below average performance are sent back to the plant and dismantled or whatever, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The next thing that was a topic of concern for the aliens could be that since there probably are many such testing centres, keeping the prototypes under control would be difficult and hence they created a concept of good and bad. This was done to keep the prototypes under control so they created positive forces i.e. God. But this would create imbalance in the universe and therefore a counterbalancing negative force i.e. Satan was created. These forces keep us on track and deciding, by some supernatural phenomena, what we must and mustn’t do. As and when prototypes get inclined towards the negative force, they are punished by a ‘natural disaster’ which is created by the positive force. When there is too much inclination towards the positive force, the negative force takes up the mantle of balancing things out.

When a prototype completely understands how these forces work to keep the Earth running efficiently, he is considered ready to move to the paradise planet. This is when he exceeds the presumed levels of performance because the prototypes are made dumb and unable to understand anything. Therefore, anything substantially intellectual is not expected of them. Although, through self learning, a prototype can reach this stage and can then move on to the paradise planet.


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