Wait for the Right Poison

Most (read all) of us are addicted to something or may have been, at some point in time. The reason I say ‘all’ shall soon become clear. Let us first try to enlist the ‘symptoms’ of addiction, and I hope all of you will agree to these:

  • You have something once, and you want to have it over and over again.
  • Like everything else in life, you develop a sort of immunity towards it. Hence, the regular fixed amount seems less so you go on and consume more of it.
  • You will eventually reach a stage when that something is all you want and in its pursuit you will be ready to sacrifice everything else.
  • Then comes a period when you’re totally done with it and stop.

Now comes the climax… This is when I tell you that ALL of you have been addicted at some point in life, except…

Except, it may not be ‘something’ but ‘somebody’. ‘People’ are the most addictive drug on this planet. Once you’re addicted to somebody, you’re screwed.

Let’s go through the symptoms again, shall we?

  • You meet someone once, you like the experience and so you want to meet them over and over again because of whatever the feeling you get while in their company.
  • Eventually you develop a sort of immunity. One hour a day seems so less. In fact, you’ve already, probably, imagined spending a lifetime with them. This forces you to meet them more often and for a longer duration.
  • Then you reach a stage when they’re the most important thing to you and in their pursuit you’re ready to sacrifice anything and everything as long as you get them.
  • Then one fine day, comes a point when you’re tired and give up. You’re no longer addicted and start searching for a new poison.

This happens with everybody. At some point you’ll be addicted to a person and eventually that addiction fades out until you find another person. This is a cycle that continues till you find a poison so beautiful that you’ll never get bored of it and even if you do it’ll be too good to give up on.

This ‘kick’ that this poison gives, this feeling that you cannot live without, is what most of you call love. But it’s really, actually, infatuation.

So I’ll save you the trouble of getting addicted to a new poison every now and then…

Make a note of the aforementioned symptoms and whenever you find yourself checking on all the boxes, know that you’re infatuated by someone and this apparent addiction will eventually die out. You must always wait for that poison, which is too good to give up on and that will be love.


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