It is a hot, humid afternoon. You’re lying on your bed, sweating and immobile, contemplating life.
Thinking about unrequited love, dishonest people, the dejection your soul is subjected to, and the agony you have caused. You sit thinking out loud about how sorry you are but there’s no one to listen to you. You question if others are sorry too? But you don’t get any answers.

The electricity goes. You’re not affected one bit/ The soft breeze is carrying the sighs of your neighbour’s. A couple a minutes pass and you can hear old men abusing the electricity board and small children taking a splash in the pool. Everything is so quite around you that you can hear noises from the distant very clearly.
Suddenly the voices in you head grown louder. You’re unable to differentiate between the ones in your head and the ones outside.
You enter a state of panic. You get up to the drink water but you can’t find it. You’ve lost your way in your own house, the same house where you grew up.

You scream! But you can’t hear yourself. The noises and voices in your head have completely taken over. What do you do?

You run out of the house, keep walking, absorbing the traffic noise. Some movie scene is randomly playing inside your head and you can relate yourself with the protagonist of the movie. You’re far, far away from reality now.

You go and buy yourself a smoke. Walk into an isolated place and smoke. You feel slightly relieved. Focusing on the noise from the traffic and street vendors shamelessly marketing the products, you feel at peace.

The noise from outside balances the noise from inside. What others find chaos, you find peace.

Then you realise something. Something that makes life easier from here on. You realise you’re fucked up and you learn to live with it.


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