Anirudh is a student of Life. He learns everyday and often preaches about what he learns. He’s a total time waster. Apart from being a freelance eater and a coffee addict he indulges in vices like poetry, photography and sarcasm. He boasts of being a semi poet, professional stalker, and a legend in spare time. He is yet to learn the ‘p’ of photography but thanks to his phone camera his Instagram page is not all that bad. He spends most of his time cribbing on twitter showing his desperation for followers and retweets. He loves to read good literature and learns from it. He’s an unusual grammar nazi, who corrects himself but never others. He likes to learn but doesn’t like being taught! Being preoccupied with absolutely no work he is mostly inaccessible, unless your IQ exceeds that of Albert Einstein’s by at least 9 points… Yes, he is sapiosexual. Connect with him and explore…


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